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Media Execution Point

Technology is now central to the methods used to target ads across digital devices. We are a media trading desk which provides targeted ad space to our clients. Our position in the market is clear and defined. We operate on a transparent basis and aim to align ourselves with clients who need to promote their product or service.

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Real Time Bidding

Publishers across all types of digital devices have embraced Real-time bidding, which allows them to fill their inventory on an auction basis one impression at a time. There are many vendors who sell capabilities that can plug into this exchange. We are RTB experts and have built and licensed a technology that allows our traders to see exactly what they are buying. We combine transparency, our proprietary algorithms, and the human touch to drive success.

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Bringing the “Trading Desk” In-House

Companies everywhere are developing their own techniques for buying exchange based media. We provide a crutch and a helping hand to organizations looking to develop their own approach. First we provide the highly efficient execution point to prove our techniques are industry leading. Over time we help train employees with our partners to help them develop their own practice. We remain a partner to ensure the in-house team remains up to date with the constant changing technology. And, of course, we are there for rainy days or sticky situations where they could use some help.