Introducing Video Torque: Never Stand Still

NEW YORK CITY – October 16, 2018 – Programmatic Mechanics is excited to announce the release of our newest product, Video Torque. Video Torque was developed to address a number of major challenges we heard from brands and agencies who are tasked with navigating the increasingly complex digital video environment.

“The Programmatic Mechanics team has successfully executed millions in paid media spend across high quality video placements,” says CEO, Keith Gooberman. “After years of establishing a sound practice and hundreds of private deals with publishers (PMPs), we wanted to formally productize this to help marketers reach their brand objectives with our proven approach.”

Brands and traditional media companies have worked to keep up with the rapidly changing video landscape – both from a consumer and an advertiser point of view. Consumers now demand choice, access, and the ability to watch how, where and when they want. This massive shift has caused an equally dramatic change for advertisers looking to engage and convert those consumers.

Our solution was built to capture consumer attention while delivering a relevant and engaging experience to consumers through an agnostic approach.

Through our combination of technology, partnerships, and talent we’ve built a model for delivering digital video ads across a diverse set of content and channels.

Video Torque has partnered with a wide range of publishers and content providers, such as ESPN, Hulu, Amazon, and Snap Inc., to deliver high impact video placements across connected TV & OTT, digital out of home, mobile and desktop units.

“Most importantly, we provide highly detailed insights with full transparency to our clients – which means no profit leakage or wasted media spend,” says Neil Kuchins, VP of Agency Sales.

ProgMechs continues to bring visibility and transparency to the market, with an emphasis on prioritizing both quality and volume.

“Ad tech is in a transition period. We must adapt to the changing nature of transparency or we risk losing client’s trust. We are perfectly aligned to provide just that, while hitting goals, preventing fraud and providing clarity into optimizations,” Kuchins explains.


Programmatic Mechanics is a managed services provider providing clients access to all advertising technology platforms and marketplaces. We excel at procuring ad space and optimizing media buying across digital channels with complete openness to costs, delivery, data ownership and fraud protection.


Video Torque is your fully transparent, technology agnostic video placement engine that specializes in delivering highly diversified media strategies by leveraging our industry-leading expertise in media buying and analytics.