PRESS RELEASE – Programmatic Mechanics Adds Firepower with a Veteran Industry Hire

Programmatic Mechanics Hires Heather Arouh

 NEW YORK CITY – September 5, 2018 – Programmatic Mechanics is excited to bring on Heather Arouh as Director, Business Intelligence. This is a new position, created in shape and lead our Partnerships & Business intelligence practice.

Arouh began her career working on the publisher side of the business, across a variety of top tier publications, including The Gainesville Sun, New York Times Digital, Conde Nast Digital, and AOL.

Over her five years at Hearst Digital Media, she was responsible for overseeing finance, pricing and yield. Additionally, while at The Zimmerman Agency as Head of Programmatic Media, she built their in-house trading desk from the ground up to a multi-million-dollar revenue stream business. She negotiated and managed all partner contracts, including DSP’s and attribution partners – all key skills that she is now bringing to Programmatic Mechanics as their business continues to see growth.

She also has over 10 years in various revenue operations roles at Condé Nast Digital, which is where she first met Programmatic Mechanic’s CEO, Keith Gooberman.

“I’ve known Keith Gooberman since we were at Condé together, and have always been very impressed with how Programmatic Mechanics has continued to rapidly grow over the years. Theyoffer a consistory transparent model in an all too often non-transparent space,” says Arouh, “I think my joining the team has been on both of our minds for a while, and I’m thrilled to finally be here.”

Gooberman is equally proud to bring Arouh onto the team to play a pivotal role. “As the numbers of clients and vendor relationships continue to expand, we are thrilled to add industry veteran Heather to the team,” says Gooberman.


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