PRESS RELEASE – Pontiac Intelligence Moves to Open Beta

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NEW YORK CITY – July 3, 2018 – The PONTIAC Platform is now in OPEN BETA, inviting any user to sign up with a credit card and utilize the buying platform. PONTIAC, a DSP built by Pontiac Intelligence LLC, a subsidiary of Programmatic Mechanics LLC has been in use for 12 months and is now growing quickly. The platform added 15 new users in June 2018 and expects to see 150 signups through the rest of the year.



“PONTIAC, will outperform other remarketing and prospecting solutions,” stated Paul Rostkowski, Co-Founder and CEO of Pontiac Intelligences, “The platform was originally designed to focus on optimizing media for small and mid-sized business with many geo-targets, but through testing over the past 12 months, we’ve seen the platform out perform other DSPs across campaigns of all sizes; remarketing or Prospecting.”

The algorithm understands campaign performance and is able to optimize and adjust the set budget. PONTIAC finds the best inventory based off assigned metrics input, including total budget, max bid, start and end date, and optimization schedule and places ads targetable by zip code, websites, time of day, device ID, and apps.

Pontiac Intelligence officially invites US and Canadian users to sign up to run remarking and prospecting display and video campaigns at


Programmatic Mechanics’ (ProgMechs) core offering is a Managed Services product sitting across all major advertising technology platforms and marketplaces.  We procure and optimize space in all available digital channels. ProgMechs is different because of our complete and transparent openness to costs, delivery, data ownership and fraud protection.


Pontiac was built by industry veterans aiming to bring simplicity, transparency and power to advertisers of all sizes. Local, regional and hyper-targeted advertisers deserve the same power allotted to the ‘larger brands’. Pontiac delivers that power to anyone with a credit card. And, we allow advertisers to manage hundreds of campaigns with ease. The artificial intelligence algorithm provides performance which can be beneficial at all spend levels.

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