Champions League: Maintaining Your Competitive Edge

by | May 2, 2018 | 0 comments

Why do the top fútbol clubs in Europe, the champions, the best, spend the most money during the offseason to add new players to an already great team? Hundreds of millions? 

Because without new competition, the current best players get complacent, and the team loses its advantage.  The edge is gone as quickly as it appeared.

What about your digital media campaign execution, and the players supporting your ability to win?  You have options in terms of who plays on your team and when; internal groups versus external partners.

Can you demand as much as quickly and as undoubtedly from an internal team as you can from an external expert?  Can you call the co-worker at 4 pm on a Friday and make demands, NOW, and expect that it will get done, no matter what?  Or is dealing with colleagues more nuanced than each situation or campaign demands?

In programmatic media you need someone to yell at when there is something worth shouting about.  ProgMechs is the external programmatic media expert that you can hold accountable without any nuance to manage.

Our addition to your excellent team improves the level of service, campaign performance, and make everyone more competitive.  The best time to keep your edge is when you have one.


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