CPG Soap Brand Aiming to Increase Market Share through Video Advertising

One of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies offering a variety of hand soaps and body washes teamed up with Programmatic Mechanics in order to increase brand awareness and gain market share.


Standing out with limited dollars in an increasingly crowded space.


  • To show brand lift by an offline study of at least 11% in store versus the control group
  • To drive a completion rate of at least 80%
  • To drive a CTR (click through rate) of 1% to ensure viewer engagement


To engage customers, ProgMechs combined our proprietary machine learning technology, Pontiacâ„¢, with custom contextual Grapeshot segments to optimize and drive engagement with the target consumers.


ProgMechs was able to help the client produce far greater efficiencies as a programmatic vendor in the video space. Through the transparency of the approach, data targeting, and technology, ProgMechs increased the client’s confidence in programmatic for engagement. With the success of this effort, ProgMechs went on to execute future campaigns across various channels, such as social and native for this client.