California Based Health Insurance Provider Driving Sign-Ups During Open Enrollment

A California health insurance company joined forces with Programmatic Mechanics in Q4 of 2016 to drive qualified leads, interested in enrolling in health insurance, to sign up on their website.


To achieve a $20 CPA (cost per acquisition) from November 1st to December 31st working within a $181,000 budget


ProgMechs used Display Prospecting & Remarketing to serve ads across brand safe websites. PONTIAC™, our proprietary machine learning algorithm, optimized to the best performing placements for each creative of the campaign. We targeted desktop and mobile app users who had previously visited the client’s homepage or sign-up page to increase conversion rates.

We also took to social sites to remarket and engage with those likely to convert.



By the middle of December, it was evident that ProgMechs was the strongest performing vendor by a considerable margin, saving the provider the most in media costs. After generating the highest conversion rates for the lowest cost, ProgMechs was able to take the next step from programmatic vendor to trusted trading desk partner.